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A Comparative Study on the Functional Outcome of Patients Who Underwent Internal Versus External Fixation for Tibial Plateau Fractures Two Years Post Surgery

Marianne Therese S. Feng
Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

Background:   Tibial plateau fractures are due to   high energy trauma brought about by axial compressive force with a varus or   valgus component. During 2018, there were 68 patients with tibial plateau   fractures. 54 patients underwent surgical intervention in our institution.

Main   Objective: The study aimed to compare the   functional outcome and describe the demographic profile of patients with   tibial plateau fractures from January to December 2018 treated with internal   vs external fixation two years after surgery.

Methods: This study used a retrospective   descriptive design to determine the distribution of demographics and   functional outcomes of tibial plateau fracture patients who underwent surgery   after two years. The Modified Rasmussen Score (MRS) determined clinical and   radiographic parameters after taking knee radiographs and assessment by   rehabilitation medicine.

Results: Study population was 48 patients, 35   underwent internal fixation through open reduction using plates or screws   while 13 underwent external fixation. The   demographic profile according to gender was majority of males (66.7%) and an   age group of 20 to 49 years old (64.5%). In terms of mechanism of injury,   most were due to motor vehicular accidents (93.7%) affecting the left lower   extremity more (72.9%). The most common Schatzker Type was type VI with a   total percentage of 39.6%. The computed mean MRS for internal fixation was   30.43 while external fixation was 30.00 showing no significant difference.

Conclusion:   The surgical treatment of tibial   plateau fractures involves restoring the articulating surface by anatomic   reduction using internal or external fixation devices. The advantages of one   over the other should be taken into consideration. There was no significant   difference on the functional outcome of the two groups hence we can conclude   that external fixation be chosen as the treatment of choice for tibial   plateau fractures.

Keywords: Functional Outcome,   Tibial plateau fractures, Modified Rasmussen Score, Schatzker