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A Locally Designed Jig Attachment To Guide Compression Screws Of The Sign Hip Construct Nail Based On The Anthropometric Meauresements Of The Cadaveric Filipino Femurs

Arnold Joseph Cagulada, MD
Noel Rex Penaranda, MD, FPOA

Objective: To improve the accuracy of the Sign Hip Construct by getting the average anthropometric measurements of the proximal femur of Filipinos and designing a jig based on these parameters.

Setting: The study was done in the Orthopedic Department of Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) and Davao Medical School Foundation-Cadaveric laboratory

Participants: Measurement were gathered from Filipino femur cadavers, 30 cadavers were included in the study.

Research Design: Cadaveric

Intervention: The study did not use any interventional drug nor the use of a comparator for the study.

Main Outcome measures: To design a jig attachment to the Sign Hip Construct system that has better accuracy and prevents intra articular compression screw exits in the Filipino population.

Statistical Analysis: The measurement of the femur made use of mean and standard deviation, estimates were be done using 95% confidence interval. The incidence of the intra proximal exist were tested using Binomial Test.

Results: Mean measurements of the filipino proximal femoral neck is 3cm at the narrowest mid aspect, femoral neck shaft angle at 126 degrees and 22 degrees of anteversion average. Based on the gathered measurements, 70% of the cases will not have a screw that will exit intra articularly between 20-60 degrees while we have 30% who falls within the less than 20 degrees mark and is presumed to be intra articular exits when using the SHC.

Conclusion:  Local anatomic variations must be taken into account in the application of implants that are designed and biomechanically tested from other countries in order to provide better accuracy in fixation and to minimize complications rates when used in the Filipino population. This paper provides cadaveric baseline mesurements that can be a valuable tool in the future creation and testing of a locally design SIGN Hip Construct jig attachment that can be utilized in our setting.