Podium (Sports) 09

Correlation between Mediopatellar Plica Damages and Cartilage Lesions on Arthroscopic Findings of the Knee

Andi Firman Mubarak, MD
Orthopedic & Traumatology Department
Faculty of Medicine, University of Hasanuddin, Makassar, Indonesia

Background : The mediopatellar plica is a normal structure in the knee and is present in half of healthy knees, most are asymptomatic. When these structures become pathological, diagnosis is sometimes difficult especially if they have caused damage to other structures such as cartilage, with arthroscopic procedure these structures can be visualized well.

Purpose : The purpose of this study to evaluate correlation between mediopatellar plica damages and cartilage lesions on arthroscopic findings of the knee. 

Methods : A cross-sectional analysis design was used in this study with a total sampling technique. Data were collected from arthroscopic data in 2019-2020, obtained 91 patients who underwent arthroscopic procedures. Damage to the mediopatellar plica was assessed using the classification of Sakakibara (types A, B, C and D) and cartilage lesions were assessed using the outerbridge classification (Grades 0,1,2,3 and 4). Furthermore, the data is processed using the Spearman correlation test. 

Results: There were 91 patients who underwent arthroscopic procedures, mediopatellar plica damage was found based on Sakakibara classification; Type A 14 patients (15.4%) Type B 15 patients (16.5%), Type C 37 patients (40.7%) and Type D 25 patients (27.5%) while the cartilage lesions were based on outerbridge classification; Grade 0 28 patients (30.8%), grade 1 11 patients (12.1%), grade 2 32 patients (35.2%), grade 3 11 patients (12.1%) and grade 4 9 patients (9 ,9%), correlation statistic test showed p value 0.042 (p<0.05) with correlation magnitude R 0.213.

Conclusions: There is a significant positive correlation between the mediopatellar plica damage based on Sakakibara classification with cartilage lesions based on outerbridge classification on knee arthroscopy findings. The increasing type of the mediopatellar plica damage, the degree of cartilage lesions also increases. The correlation between the two is included in the weak category. 

Keywords: Plica Mediopatellar Damages, Cartilage lesions, Knee Arthroscopy