A Study on the Quality of Life of Pediatric Patients with Femoral Shaft Fractures Treated with Plating Versus Elastic Nailing in a Tertiary government hospital from January 2017 to December 2018

Alejandro Roberto Montejo
Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

INTRODUCTION: Femur shaft fractures rank among the most common traumatic injuries requiring surgery in children. The management of pediatric femoral fractures evolved gradually towards operative approaches because of desire for more rapid recovery wherein plating and nailing are main modalities of surgery. The main objective of this study is to compare the quality of life in pediatric patients treated with plating and elastic nailing.

METHODS: 24 patients were operated from January 2017 to December 2018. Patients underwent plating or elastic nailing of the femur. The PedsQOL questionnaire was used to investigate to quality of life. To correlate the profile of patients with the quality of life, independent-sample T and Mann-Whitney U test was used.

RESULTS: The study includes 24 patients. The mean age is 10.63 years old. 18(75%) were males and 6 (25%) were females. 1 patient (4.166%) under 10-20kgs, 9(37.50%) patients within 21-30kgs, 10(41.66%) weighing 31-40kgs and 4(16.66%) from the 41-50kgs group. For the mechanism of injury, majority were caused by fall, 18(75%) and 6(25%) due to vehicular accident. Preoperative Hospital duration were equal with 12 (50%) in patients treated less than and more than 3 weeks. Plating was done to 14(58.33%) of the patients, while 10(41.66%) underwent Elastic Nailing. Using the PedsQOL tool, 4 parameters were used, Physical, Emotional, Social and School functioning. There was a slightly higher total mean score (93.15) in the elastic nailing group compared to the mean score of the plating group (91.69), but did not show significant difference in the mean quality of life.

CONCLUSION: With this study, both surgical options either plating or elastic nailing may yield similar quality of life in pediatric patients with femur fractures. Plating may be offered to patients with limited financial capacities or in cases where elastic nailing is unavailable

Keywords: Pediatric Femur fractures, Plating, Elastic nailing