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Poster 01

Displaced Discoid Lateral Meniscus Tear in A Child Treated with Meniscoplasty and Suture Repair: The Importance of Surgical Technique

Yuzaimi Yaakub, M.D.1, In El, Lee M.D. 1, Jin Goo, Kim M.D., P.h.D 1

Poster 02

Management of Complex Posterior Cruciate Ligament Tibial Avulsion Injuries (SPORTS)

Adila Irene Nur Ibrahim, MD Resident Orthopaedic Department, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Poster 03

Coronal Shear Fracture of Distal Humerus (NON-SPORTS

Amir Asymunir Mohamad, MD Resident Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Poster 04

Is reverse shoulder arthroplasty indicated in the treatment of glenohumeral joint osteoarthritis associated with synovial osteochondromatosis? (POSTER NON-SPORTS)


Poster 05

Never Say Aiyo In Operating Room: Revision Left Shoulder Hemi With Tuberosity Resorption (NON-SPORTS)

Kesavan Ravindran. Md Resident Hospital Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Keshavravz@Gmail.Com

Poster 06

Reconstruction of Patellar Tendon Rupture after ComplexTotal Knee Arthroplasty using Modified Kunalan Technique: A Case Report (POSTER)

Mohamad Helmi, MD Orthopaedic Department, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Poster 07

Achilles Tendon Repair With Modified Harris Mini Open Technique (POSTER)

Vwrene Chia, MD Resident Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Poster 08

Effects of Philhealth Z Package on Treatment of Qualified Orthopedic Patients Sustaining Close Femoral Shaft Fractures in a Public Tertiary Hospital

Andre Bern V. Arcenas, MD - SPMC

Poster 09

Utilization of Various Techniques in Repair of Partial Articular Supraspinatus Tendon Avulsion (PASTA) Lesions: A Meta-Analysis

Christian Paolo Alban Racadio, MD

Poster 10

Spontaneous Psoas Bleed with Hematoma Formation in a COVID-19 patient Prior to Initiation of Anticoagulation: A Case Report

Albert Ian J. Villegas, M.D.

Poster 11

Talocalcaneal Tarsal Coalition In A Twenty-One-Year Old Male:
A Case Report

Joan Francine U. Perez, MD

Poster 12

Peripheral Gangrene Secondary to Hypernatremic Dehydration in a Newborn: A Case report

Melanio C. Acosta IV MD; Carlo Angelo V. Borbon MD, FPOA Makati Medical Center, Metro Manila, Philippines

Poster 13

Arthroscopic Debridement of the Ankle using Sinus Tarsi Portal in a 36 year old with Post Traumatic Arthritis: A Case Report

Capistrano, Roanne Janine C. M.D.; Gomez, Vicente R. M.D, FPOA.; Borbon, Carlo Angelo V. M.D., FPOA MMC

Poster 14

Arthroscopic Acetabular Labral Reconstruction and Femoroplasty using Iliotibial Band Autograft for Femoroacetabular Impingement: A Case Report

Marie Bernice M. Carpio M.D, Francis H. Fernandez M.D, FPOA MMC

Poster 15

Pigmented villonudular synovitis presenting as late onset femoral synovial cyst formation of the knee 2 years after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with Hamstring graft: A Case Report

Ramon Mariano Q. Najarro II, M.D Jose Antonio G. San Juan, M.D, FPOA CHH

Poster 16

Anterolateral Approach for Traumatic Luxatio Erecta of the Hip

Erika Nicole L. Chua, MD, Alan Leonardo R. Raymundo, MD, FPOA MMC

Poster 17

Tuberculous arthritis of the elbow in a 26 year old Filipino male with a 4 months history of mass

Cristine Crisologo. MD., Rivera MD FPOA. Borbon MD FPOA

Poster 18

Describing COVID-19 Infection Rates Amongst Operating Room Staff Assigned in Different Operating Room Complexes at a Tertiary Hospital

Leonil Ferdinand A. Sembrano, MD

Poster 19

Incidental Finding of an Enlarging Enchondroma in an Adult Female with Recurrent Patellar Dislocation: Single-Stage Extended Curettage using Freezing Nitrogen Ethanol Composite followed by Medial Patello-Femoral Ligament Reconstruction

Daniela Kristina D. Carolino MD, Abigail R. Tud MD-MBA, FPOA, Richard S. Rotor MD, FPOA

Poster 20

Single Event Multilevel Surgery in Correcting Spastic Diplegia in a 6 year old Female with Cerebral Palsy (Gross Motor and Functional Classification System IV): A Case Report

Galman, Gian Dominique D.,MD Gomez, Vicente R., MD, FPOA Gabriel, Giselle T., MD, FPOA

Poster 21

Lateral External Fixation and Kirschner Wiring for Pediatric Humeral Supracondylar Fractures: A Case Series

Raymund B Quiambao, MD, Eduard Frank D Delos Reyes, MD

Poster 22

Diffuse pigmented villonodular synovitis of the shoulder: A multidisciplinary case report

Noreen Joyce L. Yeo, MD, Czar Louie Gaston, MD, FPOA, Carlo Angelo V. Borbon, MD, FPOA Makati Medical Center

Poster 23

Dupuytren Contracture Release with Full-Thickness Skin Grafting in a Filipino Male

Salvador, Alfred Jerald I., MD Gabriel, Giselle Marie Noelle T., MD, FPOA

Poster 24

The Role of Telemedicine during COVID-19 Pandemic in a Military Hospital: A Focus on Upper Extremity Post-Operative Orthopaedic Care

Marco Paulo C Nabong, MD, Dennis Paolo H Abadilla, MD, FPOA

Poster 25

A Case of a Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia Treated with Bilateral High Tibial Osteotomy and Distal Femoral Hemi Epiphysiodesis

Jom Darwin Young, MD CHH

Poster 26

Its nontraumatic posterior shoulder instability: a case report

Javier Miguel D. Cabatan, MD MMC

Poster 27

Debridement, Sequestrectomy, Application of Antibiotic Cement and Ilizarov Frame Fixation of the Radius and Ulna under Wide Awake Local Anesthesia No Tourniquet (WALANT) (NON-SPORTS)

Authors: Cosette Esmeralda C. Atutubo, MD, FPOA, Juanito S. Javier, MD, FPOA, Amir Adham Ahmad, MBBS, DR ORTHO

Poster 28

CASE REPORT Chronic osteomyelitis of the scapula mimicking septic arthritis of the shoulder in an adult male with Type-2 Diabetes.

Francesco Antonio T. Valdeca�as MD1, Ilian Dominiq D. Eusebio MD2, Peter B. Bernardo MD2 UP-PGH

Poster 29

Chronic Patellar Dislocation � MPFL Reconstruction using a Pedicled Quadriceps Tendon Graft: A Case Report (POSTER)

Maria Antonia Rosanna G. Peña, MD
Peter B. Bernardo, MD, FPOA
Rhon Olaguera, MD

Poster 30

Patellar Tendon Reconstruction using a Hamstring Autograft: A Case Report

Josephine E. Mina, MD
Peter B. Bernardo, MD, FPOA
Maria Isabel Arcangel, MD

Poster 31

AC joint Injury Rockwood Type V fixed with a Clavicle Hook Plate: A Case Report (POSTER)

Sarah Olivia Gavino, MD Peter B. Bernardo MD FPOA 1, Rhon Michael Olaguerra MD 2, UP-PGH

Poster 32

Scarf Osteotomy Without Internal Fixation for Hallux Valgus: A Systematic Review

Adrian Joseph C. Tablante, MD Emiliano B. Tablante, MD, FPOA Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Poster 33

Delayed Treatment of Multifocal Fractures of the Femur

Camille Ann R. Santos MD, Angeli Charmeinn P. Apalisoc MD FPOA, Manolito M. Flavier MD FPOA, Jovito Ramil Paz MD FPOA, Benjamin Chua III MD FPOA Philippine Orthopedic Center

Poster 34

Predictors for Tenotomy of the Tendoachilles in the Treatment of Idiopathic Clubfoot by the Ponseti Method

Mel Jann De Vera, M.D., Antonio Nicanor Suero, M.D., FPOA

Poster 35

Clinico-demographic Profile of Tuberculous Spondylitis in a Tertiary Hospital in Iloilo: A Descriptive Study

John Alvin B. Gellangarin, MD Mylo N. Soriaso, MD, FPOA West Visayas State University Medical Center

Poster 36

Surgical management of a neglected patellar dislocation in an adolescent during the covid pandemic: a case report

Authors: Hsu Hsieh, H. C., Dollete, M.C. F., Pasion, E. C.

Poster 37

Outcomes of Arthrodiastasis for Severe Ankle Arthritis: A Comprehensive Review of Available Literature

Anne Marie M. Milo, MD; Byron S. Angeles, MD, FPOA Department of Orthopaedics, University of Santo Tomas Hospital

Poster 38

The Effects of Vitamin D on Rotator Cuff Repairs : A Systematic Review

Charles-Vincent G. Zalamea, MD�; Jeremy James C. Munji, MD, FPOA Department of Orthopaedics, University of Santo Tomas Hospital

Poster 39

A Rare Case of a 4-year old Male with Floating Elbow : Flexion-type Supracondylar Fracture with Ipsilateral Distal Forearm Fracture

Joseph Paulo P. Sales, MD; Juan Alejandro V. Legaspi, MD, FPOA Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Poster 40

Minimum-Incision Metatarsal Ray Amputation � Local Experience with Surgical Technique

Jane Marie C. Astorga, MD; Emiliano B. Tablante, MD, FPOA Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Poster 41

Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis in a 3-year old Male: A Case Report

Valleden L. Bancod, MD; Juan Alejandro V. Legaspi, MD, FPOA Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Poster 42

Wide Awake Local Anesthesia No Tourniquet in Repair of Acute Achilles Tendon Rupture : A Case Report

Melissa Mae R. Sanchez, MD; Jim Bryan Pantas, MD, FPOA Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Poster 43

Is There A Difference In The Outcomes Between Instrumented And Non-Instrumented Posterolateral Lumbar Fusion For Degenerative Lumbar Disk Disease? �A Systematic Review

Alan Ryan S. Uy, MD Niccolo S. Mamba, MS, FPOA CVMC

Poster 44

Outcomes of Surgery using Austin-Moore, Thompson, or Modular Hip Prostheses for Hip Hemiarthroplasty

Joevel Christian T. Bajao, MD.POSTER

Poster 45

Functional outcome of patients with Subtrochanteric and Intertrochanteric fractures treated with Dynamic Condylar Screw

Joseph Dan C Bullecer, MD
orthopedic from Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

Poster 46

Retrospective Chart Review on Antibiogram of Wound Culture Samples from Orthopedic Patients with Open Fracture, Surgical Site Infection and Avulsed Wound admitted from 2016 to 2020

Leoncio Tajon, MD

Poster 47

Reliability Of Filipino Translated Disabilities Of The Arm, Shoulder And Hand (Dash) Questionnaire Among Hiligaynon Patients With Forearm Fractures

Kutch�V.�Yasa, MD �- WVMC

Poster 48

Functional Outcomes and Quality of Life of Conservative versusSurgical Management of Adult Potts Disease: A Prospective Cohort Study

Mark Angelo Mara�on, MD & David T. Endriga, MD FPOA

Poster 49

Comparison Between Cemented Hemiarthroplasty Versus Proximal Femoral Nail In The Treatment Of Unstable, Irreducible Neglected Intertrochanteric Femur Fracture In The Elderly Patients 65 And Above. A Prospective Study

Miguel O. Rivera, M.D ., Edsel F. Arandia , MD, FPOA

Poster 50

Biomechanical Strength Comparison Between Pulvertaft Weave and Side-to-Side Tendon Repair : A Meta-analysis and Systematic Review

Carlos Miguel B. Santos, MD; John Hubert C. Pua, MD, MHPEd, FPOA Department of Orthopaedics, University of Santo Tomas Hospital

Poster 51

Ceramic-on-Ceramic Versus Ceramic-on-Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene Bearings for Total Hip Arthroplasty : A Meta-analysis

Angelo Rafael O. Mendoza, MD; Byron S. Angeles, MD, FPOA Department of Orthopaedics, University of Santo Tomas Hospital

Poster 52

Clinical Outcomes Comparing SuperPATH Approach and Posterior Approach for Hip Arthroplasty : A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Patrick Henry G. Lorenzo, MD; Byron S. Angeles, MD, FPOA Department of Orthopaedics, University of Santo Tomas Hospital

Poster 53

Patient Outcomes After Bridge-Enhanced Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair (BEAR) versus Autograft Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Meta-analysis

John Roland P. Uy, MD; Carmelo L. Braganza, MD, FPOA Department of Orthopaedics, University of Santo Tomas Hospital

Poster 54

Outcomes of a Modified Minimally Invasive Submuscular Plating Technique in Pediatric Patients Ages 5 to 11 years old with Closed Femoral Shaft Fractures

Lance Aldwin Adlaon, MD NMMC

Poster 55

Flexion and Abduction Continuous Traction For Gradual Reduction of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip in Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Bernard Joseph L. Adajar, MD; Juan Alejandro V. Legaspi, MD FPOAJose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Poster 56

Sonication Fluid Culture with Low-cost Commercial Sonication Machine Versus Surgical Tissue Sampling in the Diagnosis of Orthopedic Implant Associated Infection in Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center � A Pilot Study

Kenneth Mann W. Ong, MD; William D. Chuasuan Jr., MD, FPOA Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Poster 57

Volar Plating Versus Conservative Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures in the Elderly : A Meta-analysis

Derrick John L. Cabais, MD John Hubert C. Pua, MD, MHPEd, FPOA Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Poster 58

Short Arm Cast Versus Long Arm Cast for Distal Radius Fractures in Adults : A Meta-analysis

Ervan Thierry A. Tan, MD CO-INVESTIGATOR:
Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Poster 59

Non-Operative Versus Operative Treatment Of Pediatric Population With Gartland Ii Supracondylar Fracture : A Meta-Analysis

Earl Kevin A. Hermoso, MD
Juan Alejandro V. Legaspi, MD, FPOA
Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Poster 60

Removable Splinting Versus Circular Casting Of Pediatric Torus Distal Radius Fractures: A Meta-Analysis

Principal investigator :
Maria Pamela Ann J. Cayanan, MD
Co-author :
Juan Alejandro V. Legaspi, MD, FPOA
Institution :
Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Poster 61

A - Aegis P - Pathogen P - Protection I - Innovation R - Respirator: APPIR Study

Pierre Napoleon P. Niere, MD Hansel Gould B. Cocjin, MD, FPOA Jair Kimri P. Jingco, MD, FPOA

Poster 62

Effectiveness Of Low Load Vs Submaximal Resistance Exercise On Patients Treated With Extended Skeletal Traction

Francis Pekdasen Solang