Mr. Atlas Michelangelo Kale G.Alvarez


Lecture Topics:

  • Transition Strength Programs from Rehab (Physiotherapy) to Strength Progression (S&C)

  • General Strength Training to Sport Specific Strength Training


Coach Kale Alvarez is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach by Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA). He is also the Lead Sports Scientist and International Advisor of Gatorade Sports Science Institute Philippines. Coach Kale founded Kineticore Philippines, a sports injury rehabilitation and strength and conditioning facility. He is a former player of the Philippine National Football Team and the Philippine National Beach Football Team.

Lecture Abstract:

  1. Strength and Conditioning: Transition from Physiotherapy and Program Design In lecture format, Coach Kale discusses the importance and dynamic of a well-functioning sports medicine team in the rehabilitation and reconditioning of an injured athlete. Coach Kale also talks about Program Design and how a properly designed program is imperative for proper rehabilitation.

  2. Sport Specific Strength Exercises A collection of sport specific strength exercises for basketball, football, volleyball, track and cycling as demonstrated and discussed by Coach Kale. For each sport featured, Coach Kale highlights specific drills and chooses strength exercises for these. In addition to these exercises are drills.

  3. Making the Young Athletes Injury Proof How do we make young athletes injury proof? In this video Coach Kale looks into a way to minimize injury by preparing them in their sport and training them accordingly. Samples of exercises applicable to this age and their purpose are demonstrated and discussed. A young athlete who started sports performance training at an early age is also featured.