Henry Gerard M. Calleja, MD, FPOA


Lecture Topic: Management of Common Sports Injuries of the Hand


Dr. Calleja. Finished Residency training at the Institute of Orthopedics and Sports medicine, St.Luke’s Medical center, and earned the distinction of topping the diplomate exam during his graduation year. He then took his fellowship in Hand and microsurgery at the Kleinert institute, Louisville, Kentucky. At present, Dr. Calleja is an active consultant in St.Luke’s Medical Center QC/BGC, and serves as the head of the training committee and Research committee of the IOSM. 

Lecture: Management of Common Sports Injuries of the Athletes' Hand


Hand injuries are common for athletes such as the “jammed finger”, metacarpal fractures, as well as collateral injuries in the thumb. We will talk about the usual mechanisms of injury and run down the different treatment options for each injury, taking note of the peculiarities in the management of athletes.