Andrew Dutton, MD


Lecture Topic: Basics of Hip Arthroscopy


Dr Dutton is an Australian orthopaedic surgeon based in Singapore. His medical degree was from the University of New South Wales. He finished his Orthopaedic training in Singapore and then went on to do a hip and knee fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2005. He is a member of the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy. He is now in private practice at Mt Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore and enjoys wakeboarding on the weekends.

Lecture: Basics of Hip Arthroscopy  


Hip arthroscopy is becoming a more popular procedure. This has come about with the better availability of MRI scans, maturing understanding of hip pathology and the development of hip specific instrumentation.

Patient selection is essential to a successful outcome.

This talk will introduce the typical patient symptoms and physical examination for intra-articular hip pathology. 

It will outline basic imaging and then proceed to discussing the basic principles of hip arthroscopy and demonstration of treating hip pathology. This should provide the surgeon with a general overview for his journey on becoming a hip arthroscopist.