Ms. Diane Eng


Lecture Topic: Rethink Incision Care: Post Surgical Dressing Selection Update


Miss Diane is currently the Regional Clinical Manager, APAC for Molnlycke Healthcare. Prior to this, she is a senior nurse clinician leading the wound and ostomy management ivision of Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

In 2017, Ms Diane has achieved her Master of Science in wound healing and tissue repair from University of Cardiff Having 22 years of experience in the field of wound care speciality, Ms Diane has a robust technical background in various wound care areas, such as burns, vascular leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure injuries and post-surgical wounds. She has delivered over 100 presentations at various national and international congresses and has been active in research and publications on chronic wounds management.

Lecture: ReThink Incision Care: Post-Surgical Dressing Selection Update


Post-surgical incision care is a critical component in optimising patient outcomes and can reduce the risk of infection and associated complications. Dressing characteristics, selection and change frequency are important aspects of achieving good outcomes.

In July, we surveyed to understand Post-surgical incision care across the Asia-Pacific region: current practice and perceptions. This survey was able to gain insights into clinical practice in surgical incision care management, including properties of the ‘ideal’ post-operative surgical dressing. The survey also uncovered the current practices of the most common post-operative surgical dressing choice and considerations around what constitutes the ideal surgical dressing. The concept of undisturbed wound healing, patient comfort and the role of education are areas for further review and discussion.