Francis Andrew H. Fernandez, MD, FPOA


Lecture Topic: MPFL Reconstruction in Skeleletally Immature Patient 


I graduated BS psychology in Ateneo De Manila then studied medicine in University of Santo Tomas. I did my residency in Makati Medical Center. My sports medicine fellowship was under Dr. Rainer Siebold in Atos Klinik Heidelberg, Germany. I am currently part of the staff in Makati Medical Center specializing Sports Medicine and Hip Arthroscopy.

Lecture: MPFL Reconstruction in Skeleletally Immature Patient  


Patellar dislocation is one of the most common knee injuries in the pediatric population. There are certain risk factors that predispose a patient for a recurrent dislocation. Pediatric patients have special considerations when deciding to do surgery for a recurrent patellar dislocation. There are many techniques to stabilize the dislocating patella in Skeletally immature patients.