Alberto Gobbi, MD


Lecture Topic: 1 Step Cartilage Regeneration with MSC Technique


Dr. Prof. Alberto Gobbi  F.R.C.S. Founder and President of O.A.S.I. Bioresearch Foundation, Past President of International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society Honorary Professor University of Bejing, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore  Visiting Professor University of California at San Diego U.C.S.D. Fellow Royal College of Surgeons of England - F.R.C.S.AAOS- AANA International Honorary Member  ISAKOS Board of Directors.

Lecture: Step Cartilage Regeneration with MSC Technique  


Long-term clinical outcomes of knee joint full-thickness cartilage repair with a hyaluronic-acid constructed scaffold embedded with bone marrow aspirate concentrate (HA-BMAC).