Gabriel Goseco, MD


Lecture Topic: Rope Flow Manila


Gabriel Goseco is currently a medical intern who is enthusiastic about lifestyle and fitness. Gabriel - or GIo as his friends call him - started exploring Rope Flow during the COVID19 pandemic as a means to supplement his personal exercise. Seeing the value of Rope Flow as an effective tool to meet the daily dose of physical needed to improve cardiovascular health, he pursued the coaching certification to be able to teach others about this novel form of exercise. Since then, he has become a advocate for fitness, but also sees Rope Flow as a means of expression and creativity as much as it is a tool for physical activity.

Lecture: Rope Flow Manila


Rope Flow is a novel form of exercise that emphasizes rotational movement and coordination of both the upper and lower body together. It involves swinging the rope while following specific movement patterns to create a sequence or flow. Its use for athletic performance is intuitive, since it improves agility and coordination through the articulation of the whole body to achieve a sense of flow. In terms of its potential uses for rehabilitation, Rope Flow trains gait patterns that can help improve mobility in a self-directed and non-impact manner.