Prof. Ashish Gupta, MD, MBBS, MSC, FRACS, FAOrthA


Lecture Topic: My Most Dreaded Experience & How I Dealt with It: speaker #1


Dr Gupta is a Sub specialist shoulder surgeon working in Brisbane Australia. 

His practice solely comprises of shoulder surgery. He Completed his Orthopaedic training in Queensland in 2012. Dr Gupta completed advanced shoulder arthroscopy and arthroplasty fellowships with Dr Lafosse (France), Dr Seebauer (Germany) and at Fowler Kennedy sports clinic and / Hand and Upper Limb Clinic G Athwal/R Litchfield (Canada).

His keen interest in basic science research led him to complete his Masters in Science from the University of Western Ontario in Canada; his thesis is on the Role of Scapular Morphology in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty. 

Dr Gupta now practices in Brisbane. He is a dedicated clinician and teacher. He is the Co-Director of the Australian Shoulder Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty Clinical Fellowship. He is actively involved with training registrars. His passion for clinical research has led to the development of a clinical research unit-Shoulder Surgery Research Institute. SSQRI fosters teaching and clinical research to improve patient outcomes.

Prof Gupta is actively involved in basic science research at the Queensland University of Technology and is the founding Director of QUASR - Queensland Unit for Advanced Shoulder Research.  QUASR is a dedicated research organisation with a key focus on biomechanical, tissue, 3 D printing, robotics and computational research into the shoulder.