Lisa Maree Hackett, MD


Lecture Topic: MSK-UTZ of the Shoulder


Lisa is a qualified radiographer, sonographer with a special interest in MSK ultrasound. Lisa works in the field of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Sports Medicine, Fertility Medicine and Research. Lisa is a well known speaker presenting at National and International meetings. Lisa is currently a PhD candidate and holds the position of Associate Conjoint Lecturer at UNSW, Sydney, Australia. 

Lecture: SK-UTZ of the Shoulder  


I will be detailing the use of ultrasound to identify and diagnose particular pathologies associated with the MSK system.

This presentation will look at the following regions:-

  • Shoulder ultrasound – identifying cuff pathology 

  • Discussing the reason for dynamic scanning during an examination

  • Ultrasound in the assessment of Instability and SLAP lesions

  • Limb nerve assessment and common entrapment identification under ultrasound guidance.