Thibault Lafosse, MD


Lecture Topic: Rotator Cuff Repair


I am a hand, peripheral nerve and upper limb surgeon in Annecy, France. After going to medical school in Lyon, I trained in Orthopaedics and Trauma surgery in Paris during my 5 years residency program. I early started microsurgery, attending Pr Oberlin microsurgical and Hand surgery training program. Along with general orthopaedic surgery, I specialized in nerve, and microvascular surgery in order to perform limb reconstruction.

I attended two 6 months fellowships: In 2013, I was a fellow in Alps Surgery Institute with Laurent Lafosse to learn Shoulder surgery and arthroscopy. This enabled me to start working on my thesis on the topic of endoscopic brachial plexus release, which led to several publications.

In 2015, I attended a travelling fellowship in Thailand with Pr Somsak Leechavengvongs from Bangkok, for brachial plexus surgery, and with Pr Kanit Sananpanich from Chiangmai for microvascular reconstruction of the limbs. In November 2015 I started my fellowship in Paris, as a Chef de Clinique, Assistant des Hôpitaux, where I did brachial plexus, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder surgery with Pr Masmejean, and reconstruction of the limbs with Pr Lantieri. The department was specialised in emergencies of the hand. I started my own practice in November 2017, as a partner in Clinic Generale d'Annecy.

My activity in Annecy is shoulder surgery, peripheral nerve surgery along with hand surgery and the development of a hand trauma center (SOS main). I also have an activity of congénital hand deformities surgery and obstetrical brachial plexus surgery, participating to missions since 2012 with the Chain of Hope, mostly in Afghanistan, Iran and Jordan. We have created Plexus Brachial Main Microchirurgie ANNECY (PBMA) with my partners Michael Bouyer and Marie Loret. We operate together, and receive fellows and residents in our institution, which is focusing on hand and microsurgical reconstruction