Dave Lee, MD, MBBS, MMed(Ortho) , FRCS, FAMS


Lecture Topic: How You Do an Ideal Meniscus Repair


Dr. Dave Lee is Head, Division of Sports, Shoulder & Elbow Surgery in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, National University Hospital Singapore. He has a special interest in knee ligament, meniscus and cartilage surgery; and has over 50 peer reviewed  publications on knee preservation surgery.

Lecture: How to do an Ideal Meniscus Repair  


We now understand the importance of meniscus preservation. Current meniscus repair with improved techniques and implants have enabled surgeons to repair complex tears and degenerative tears. 

In this lecture, we discuss the considerations to perform an ideal meniscus repair for joint preservation. They are summarized to be: 

  • Appropriate indication- pain and locking

  • Determine tear reparability based on tear pattern, location and surgeon experience

  • Choose repair method- consider hybrid techniques

  • Combine stitch configuration- horizontal,vertical,oblique  

  • Improve biology with marrow stimulation or augmentation

  • Correct malalignment especially in degenerative tears

  • Address knee instability, perform concurrent ligament reconstruction

  • Choose which degenerate meniscus tears u repair

  • Protect weightbearing and allow early range of motion after surgery