Jose Miguel Marco T. Lumawig, MD, FPOA


Lecture Topic: Sports Related Overuse Injuries of the Spine


Dr Lumawig is an active Orthopedic consultant of The Medical City and St Lukes Global City. He is a recreational triathlete in his free time and loves to spend time with his wife Mailen and two boys Migo and Fonzie.  

Lecture: Sports-related Overuse Injuries of the Spine


Overuse injury is a broad term used to describe an injury caused by repetitive low-energy trauma, rather than a single injury event. Sport-related overuse injuries in the spine are predominantly seen in the lumbar region and has been seen to cause structural damage such as stress fractures and degenerative changes to the intervertebral discs and posterior elements of the spine. Aesthetic (gymnastics/ballet) and overhead/throwing sports are common culprits. Recognizing the different disease entities and diagnoses are essential for proper diagnostics and management.