Mr. Daniel M. Moran


Lecture Topic: Sports without Borders: The National Cerebral Palsy Football Team


I am married to Tessie Moran. We have five children and three grandchildren. I started my professional career in marketing at IBM in 1978.

Tessie started baking at home, and in 1979 we put up Red Ribbon Bakeshop. I left IBM in 1983, and became a full time entrepreneur. We continued to grow Red Ribbon Bakeshop until 2005, when we sold the business to Jollibee.

In 2007, we acquired Amici Pizza & Pasta from the Don Bosco priests. In 2009 we started Cara Mia Cakes and Gelato. Today, we have 8 Amici Restaurants and 38 Cara Mia outlets.

I’ve been a sports enthusiast all my life and was a member of Philippine National Football team in the 70’s and 80’s. Because of my interest in sports I put up the Moran Foundation which helps underprivileged kids through sports. We have developed over 300 public schools in playing football and futsal (5 a side street football). We also have sports programs for Cerebral Palsy kids, as well a kids with special needs.

Lecture: Sports without Borders: The National Cerebral Palsy Football Team  


In our presentation, we share the Moran Foundation's journey of what first started as a football program for kids with Cerebral Palsy (CP), and then developed into a program to train a CP National Football Team that would compete in the 10th ASEAN Para Games 2020.