Pia Kareena V. Quiñones, MD, FPOA


Lecture Topic: The Peculiarities of the Female Athlete


I am Dr. Pia Kareena Quiñones, a practicing orthopaedic surgeon from Cebu City, Philippines performing fracture surgeries and arthroscopic surgeries. I graduated Doctor of Medicine from the Cebu Institute of Medicine last 2006 and completed my orthopaedic residency training in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. Last 2013 I had my short term AO trauma fellowship in Kantonsspital Luzern, Switzerland. I had my sports medicine and arthroscopy fellowship in Kameda Medical Center, Kamaogawa City, Chiba, Japan and Evangelisches Krankenhaus, Vienna, Austria. During my arthroscopy fellowship, I was able to learn shoulder, knee and ankle arthroscopic procedures as well as musculoskeletal ultrasonography. 

Lecture: The Peculiarities of the Female Athlete  


It is still unknown if it is possible to train both male and female athletes the same way however it is a fact that there are anatomic,  physiologic and neuromuscular control differences between male and female athletes which may impact training. Medical conditions involving energy availability, menstrual health and bone health comprise the female athlete triad and should be dealt with thoroughly.