Ghuna Arioharjo Utoyo, dr. SpOT(K)


Lecture Topic: ACL Reconstruction in Laxity Patient


Ghuna was born in December 1976. After his fellowship on Sport and Arthroscopy at Volmarstein Orthopadische Klinik, Wetter, Germany, he developed great expertise in sport medicine, arthroscopy surgeries of knee, shoulder and other sport related injury. He serves in Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung, Indonesia, a university hospital, and teaches about 40 orthopaedic residences since 2010. He also worked with athletes to prevent sport injuries and as a consultant teams for some of national sports clubs and events.

He give numerous presentations as a speaker, moderator and trainer faculty for various scientific sessions, and hold membership to many prestigious orthopaedic societies such as next president of Indonesian Orthopaedic Society for Sport Medicine and Arthroscopy (IOSSMA) for 2022-2025 and also collaboration with ASEAN Society for Sport medicine and Arthroscopy (ASSA).

Lecture: ACL Reconstruction in Laxity Patient



There are varieties of factors that affect the outcome of ACL reconstruction (ACLR). One of the main causes of poor outcomes after ACLR is recurrent instability. Recurrent instability or failure of ACLR was reported to occur by re-rupture caused by technical error such as non-anatomic tunnel placement, impingement, biological failure, laxity, infection and post-traumatic wear or failure. To reduce the failure of ACLR in laxity, the usage of internal bracing has been grown more popular. Augmentation of autograft using ultrabraid suture materials could be considered.


We report the case of a patient with generalized joint laxity that underwent ACLR with alternative of internal bracing. ACL reconstruction was performed using hamstring graft augmented with ultrabraid suture materials. 

RESULTS: In this case, we present a successful case management for ACLR with graft augmentation using ultrabraid suture in laxity patient.


Augmentation of autograft using ultrabraid suture can be considered as an alternative method for ACLR in the patient with generalized joint laxity.

Keywords: ACL; Augmentation; Laxity