Kristine Jennifer Calimbas-Warren, MHIth, PTRP


Lecture Topic: How to Minimize Neck and Shoulder Pain when Working from Home


Kristine has more than 20 years of experience in the evaluation and management of sports and orthopedic injuries. She was a head of a university-based sports clinic for 10 years and was a PT for a PBA team before joining the Kineticore Philippines. She is currently based in HK but is able to help in the management of our clients and patients through online meetings.

Lecture: Chair Exercises: A Simple Way to Stay Active While Working From Home


As physical therapist, we treat neck pain and low back pain due to muscle tightness and weakness. With the pandemic, working from home has become the norm causing an increase in the incidence of Musculo-skeletal aches and pain. My presentation will present simple exercises people can do while they are seated. It’s a good way to take a break without having to stand-up. I will also discuss how we can add mindfulness to these exercises through breath work.